Pediatric Waiting Area

A separate waiting area has been designed for children requiring emergency care and their families. Games, toys, and books are available. Enjoy the aquarium!

Security Desk

The safety of patients, families, and visitors is of paramount importance to Waukesha Memorial Hospital and its staff. Access to the Emergency Care Department is controlled by security personnel, whose office is immediately adjacent to the locked main entrance into the department.

Patient Comfort and Privacy

Treatment rooms in the Waukesha Memorial Hospital Emergency Care Department are designed to provide comfort and privacy for patients and their families. Many of the treatment rooms have private attached bathrooms.

Family Waiting Areas

The Emergency Care Department has several private internal family waiting areas. In the event that it is necessary for treatment or privacy reasons for family and friends to leave the patient’s room, these areas may be utilized. These rooms are also utilized for family conferences with medical and nursing staff.

Ambulance Bay

Emergency patients arriving by ambulance enter the department via the large, enclosed ambulance bay. The ambulance bay is directly adjacent to the major resuscitation rooms in the Emergency Department.

Ambulance Bay Internal View

The ambulance bay can accommodate many ambulances simultaneously, and features a decontamination area large enough to decontaminate an entire ambulance or other rescue vehicle in the event of a chemical or biological exposure.

EMS Work Area

The Emergency Care Department has a designated work area for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel. This area is adjacent to the ambulance bay. EMS personnel can complete their paperwork, restock their ambulances, and have a snack before returning to service.

Decontamination Area

A decontamination area is located between the ambulance bay and the treatment areas of Emergency Care. In the event of a HazMat (hazardous materials) situation, i.e., a chemical or biological exposure, patients and EMS personnel can be decontaminated prior to entering the department. This ensures the safety of other patients and hospital staff.

Resuscitation/Trauma Rooms

The Emergency Department features three state-of-the-art major resuscitation rooms for the care of trauma victims and patients with life threatening medical problems, such as heart attacks and strokes. These rooms are easily accessible from the large, enclosed ambulance bay.

Specialty Care Rooms

The Emergency Care Department features rooms specifically designed for specialty care, including rooms for Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat emergencies (shown at left), Obstetric and Gynecologic emergencies, etc. A separate private area is designated for patients with behavioral emergencies.

State of the Art Equipment

The Emergency Care Department is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure the timely and expert treatment of our patients.

Arena 1

The work area in Arena 1 is the major treatment area in the Emergency Department. A unique design feature of this area is a large central skylight.

Arena 1 Side View

Arena 2 is generally utilized for less critical Emergency Department patients, and functions as a “Fast Track” area during peak times.

Arena 2

The Emergency Department medical staff has all of the necessary tools to provide the patient best care, including a digital radiology system, as well as access to a superb hospital staff representing every major specialty.

Emergency Physician Work Area

A separate work area has been designed for the hospital’s medical staff when they are called to the Emergency Care Department to care for patients.