WMH is proud of its, state-of-the-art Emergency Department. The Emergency Care department opened in March 2003, and has 34 beds, including specialty rooms for trauma care and resuscitation, ENT (eye, ear, nose, and throat) emergencies, obstetric and gynecologic problems, and patients with behavioral emergencies. Isolation rooms are available for patients with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases. Emergency Department staff were closely involved in the planning and implementation of all aspects of the facility. The department is designed to facilitate the delivery of high quality emergency care, as well as to ensure the security, privacy, and comfort of our patients and their families, and to support the hospital’s medical staff in the care of their patients. The department has extensive information systems support, including a digital radiology system.

Patients arriving at the Emergency Care Department are initially assessed by nursing personnel at Triage. Based on the severity of the illness or injury, patients may be brought immediately back to the treatment area, or may be directed to a waiting area. Every effort is made to reduce waiting times. The Emergency Department at Waukesha Memorial Hospital features two main treatments areas known as Arena 1 and Arena 2. Arena 2 is utilized as a “Fast Track” area during peak times, to expedite the care of those patients with less serious (though urgent) medical problems or injuries.

While every effort is made to reduce waiting times, there are unfortunately times when patients and their families cannot immediately be brought into the Emergency Care Department treatment area. The waiting area is designed for the comfort and convenience of patients and their families in the event that a wait is necessary. Televisions and a vending area are available. (Patients are asked to check with the Triage nurse prior to eating or drinking.)